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Hearthstone Brewery

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We brew the beers you don’t know you love yet

Hearthstone brewery defines itself through its committed pursuit of innovation, quality and passion in the production of beer. That means that no corners are even cut, and every beer you drink only contains quality ingredients carefully proportioned by brewers to create unique beer and add the Hearthstone signature. The craft of brewing goes back centuries, and we hold traditional methods close to heart in our beer-making process while striving to innovate and push boundaries in brewing using new and different ingredients.

Hearthstone Brewery

Our Brewers / 釀酒師介紹

Darren Hollett and George Woods started Hearthstone Brewery together, bringing different but complimentary skills to the table.

爐石啤酒廠的每一款啤酒都是由達倫與喬治一起努力打造出來的, 他們拿出各自的精湛釀酒技術和專業知識來釀造所有爐石啤酒廠的啤酒給所有愛喝精釀啤酒的酒迷們.

Darren Hollett / 達倫·霍利特

Darren started as a homebrewer while working in sales for the Whistler Brewing Co., then moved on to work as a brewer for Mission Springs Brewery while completing the American Brewers Guild’s Brewing Science & Engineering program. / 當戴倫在他的第一份酒廠工作時,他擔任了業務的工作,也在那時候萌起了他對釀酒的興趣. 他開始在家裡鑽研啤酒釀造技術,之後他被挖角到”密泉”啤酒擔任首席釀酒師,也在那時候他繼續研讀啤酒知識得到了美國啤酒協會釀造科學與工程學位. 奠定了他之後的釀酒技術和知識,也利用他的技術和知識他釀造出非常多口味獨特的精釀啤酒給啤酒迷來品嘗.

Hearthstone George

George Woods / 喬治·伍茲

George earned his stripes at the infamous Scottish brewery BrewDog, running their experimental small-batch brewery for three years. He has a very keen palate and an amazing knack for developing recipes. / 喬治曾經在世界上非常出名的蘇格蘭啤酒廠BrewDog裡工作,他在酒廠裡擔任啤酒開發的重要職位,在他工作的三年內他以小量啤酒釀造方式為Brewdog開發了非常多種的口味啤酒. 因為他擁有著一個非常敏銳的味覺和一個驚人的開發能力,所以他被邀請到爐石啤酒廠來擔任他們的釀酒師,也為了爐石啤酒不斷的開發新的啤酒口味.

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