Pacific and Beyond

Pacific and Beyond

FLAVORFUL HANDCRAFTED BEER IN SQUAMISH History of Howe Sound Brewing 豪灣啤酒工廠的歷史Hop Farm Beginnings / 啤酒花農場的興衰Once a


History of Howe Sound Brewing

Hop Farm Beginnings

Pacific and Beyond

Once a thriving and flourishing business more than a century ago, the Squamish Valley was known for its commercial hop farming, with the Squamish Valley Hop Ranch supplying hops to the British Empire. At this time, breweries also dotted the BC landscape, but with the advent of Prohibition the number of hops farms and operating breweries dwindled. By the 1970’s, only a few hop farms remained in BC, and the brewing scene was dominated by just a few large breweries.

Modern craft brewing – Pacific and Beyond

Proudly brewing award-winning ales in Squamish for nearly 20 years, we owe much of our early success to John Mitchell. He co-pioneered North America’s first modern craft brewery at Horseshoe Bay on BC’s spectacular Howe Sound back in 1982, with the assistance of Frank Appleton. The pair began what has become known as the “craft brewing renaissance.” Known as the “grandfather of micro-brewing in Canada,” John Mitchell helped design Howe Sound Brewery in 1996, working with founders Stephen Shard, Dave Fenn and Colleen Fenn.. He worked as our very first brewer, developing all of our initial recipes. We are proud of his ongoing relationship with our brewery. Today, we continue to brew in the craft style using unfiltered 100% barley mash. Our diverse selection of flavorful, well-balanced ales is constantly growing and changing with each passing season.

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